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  1. I took this pic of the sublimely talented Anna Calvi at the Green Man Festival back in August 2014.



  2. The lovely Ensemble Moliere shot in Hyde Park, London on an autumnal Saturday afternoon. Go and check them out if you can.

    all photos taken by me ©harryjroth


  3. The War On Drugs taken at Green Man Festival 2014. One of my favourite bands of the year!


  4. Loved the excellent band Woman’s Hour at this year’s Green Man Festival



  5. I had such an amazing time at my first Green Man Festival this weekend. Will have to return next year!


  6. I managed to get this shot of the charming Sharon Van Etten at the Green Man Festival 2014.



  7. Listening to Neil Young play Heart Of Gold in Hyde Park last night brought a tear to my eye.


  8. Just got home from seeing the blinking amazing The National in Hyde Park!!! 


  9. Lyme Regis, Dorset, England


  10. On my recent travels, I managed to check out this place where Ridley Scott shot his famous Hovis commercial a long while ago.


  11. The view from my new favourite rooftop bar in East London.


  12. Watching The War on Drugs in London last night was a truly soul-enriching experience.


  13. This is a band called TONSTARTSSBANDHT and they were Mac Demarco’s warm up act in London last night. They totally killed it and had a real old school 1970s rock band vibe about them!


  14. A quick pic from last night’s chaotic Mac Demarco gig in London. 


  15. So here’s a few more pics that I took at last night’s Dum Dum Girls gig in London.

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